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[WIP] Star Citizen EVA Airlock

Working on this using an existing concept and environment done by Matthew Trevelyan Johns. I am trying to follow up their workflows and techniques so I can apply them into my work. I am hoping to keep N-gon free but it seems N-gons arent bad unless they are flat.
So I am going to model this out in 3DSMax, I'll try use some other package for UVing as I hate UVing in Max and use Quixel and Substance Painter for texturing. I will use Quixel's nDo for the normal map decals to avoid un-necessary geometry and then finally add all of it into Unreal Engine 4.

Original done by Matthew Trevelyan Johns here

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Ali faizan sc corridor

Base blockout

Ali faizan sc corridor2

Adding minor details

Ali faizan sc corridor1


Ali faizan sc corridor3

Adjusting area and adding the vents

Ali faizan compo

Tricky geo and ngons

Ali faizan sc corridor4

Adjusting the corridor more

Ali faizan sc corridor5


Ali faizan sc corridor6

Adding the door

Ali faizan sc corridor9

All base modelling done!

Ali faizan ue4

Assets in UE4 with some lighting.

Ali faizan highresscreenshot00003