Ali faizan motiontracker3

HighPoly Part1

Ali faizan motiontracker3a

HighPoly Part2

Ali faizan motiontracker3b

HighPoly Part3

Ali faizan screen02

Playing with textures Part1

Ali faizan screen03

Playing with textures Part2

Ali faizan screen04

Playing with textures Part3

Ali faizan screen05

Playing with textures Part4

Ali faizan screen01

Textured in Quixel Part1

Ali faizan screen03

Textured in Quixel Part2

Ali faizan screen04

Textured in Quixel Part3

Ali faizan screen05

Textured in Quixel Part4

Ali faizan screen06

Added decals, just need to add the stickers

[WIP] Alien: Isolation - Motion Tracker

I wanted to practice hard surface modelling and baking so I am trying to tackle this. Modelling it in 3DS Max, texturing it in Quixel and rendering it in Marmoset Toolbag 3. I will also use TB 3 for baking as its more "easier" to bake and more forgiving on my PC than Max.